Is your relationship serious or casual? Find out

Is your relationship serious or casual? Find out
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When you have been dating for a while, you wait for the natural progression, and tend to wonder whether it is heading in the right direction. You also tend to wonder whether it will get to the long term or end up being a casual fling. And of course, whether you and your partner share similar sensibilities, in way that you want the same things from the relationship. Check these aspects to know what kind of relationship you are in.
Are you and your partner talking to each other in a way that you get to know each other better? Are you curious about each other’s childhood, idiosyncrasies, and dreams? Do you know how he has reached where he is professionally? Do you make the effort? If the interest exists, it indicates that you both have serious intentions.
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Simple question: Are you on each other’s priority list, or just something you do if you have and find the time? Despite being busy, if you know you want to talk to him even if for two sentences, or text each other randomly, then you know that there’s something serious brewing. Couples in serious relationships will make time for date night, no matter what the deterrents are.
In a relationship, hints play a major role. One needs to be observant to tell. If you partner talks about things that are not allowed in his family, and you seemingly fit that bill, you need to understand it is a hint that at some point, he will call it off. If he consistently maintains that he wants to build a career and a marriage is not on his radar in the near future, you need to explore where your relationship is going. Chances are it will not last
Meeting his people
If your SO is hesitant to introduce you to his friends or dodges the question on when you can meet his family, your antennae should go up. You need to figure whether these people are even aware that he is in a relationship with you. On the other hand, if he is open about everything, and has taken you home on multiple occasions and you both normally hang out with each other’s friends, it is pretty serious!
What’s in a fight?
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The way you argue with each other or resolve fights can tell a lot about the seriousness of a person. A dedicated person will make an effort to find ways to make up, and ensure that a similar argument does not occur in the future. If you have a partner who simple waits with a puffy face for you to apologise, it might not be a long-term prospect.

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