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Sitara Devi
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Sitara in 2009

8 November 1920[1]
Calcutta, British India
Died25 November 2014 (aged 94)
Mumbai, India
OccupationKathak dancer
Spouse(s)1. Mr. Desai,

2. Nazir Ahmed Khan, 3. K. Asif,

4. Pratap Barot
ChildrenRanjit BarotJayanti Mala

Sitara Devi (8 November 1920 – 25 November 2014) was an eminent Indian dancer of the classical Kathak style of dancing, a singer, and an actress. She was the recipient of several awards and accolades, and performed at several prestigious venues in India and abroad, including at the Royal Albert Hall, London (1967) and at the Carnegie Hall, New York (1976). Sitara Devi married four times. Her first husband was one Mr Desai; little is known about him. Her second husband was the actor Nazir Ahmed Khan (not to be confused with Nasir Khan who was Nazir's son-in-law). The age difference between them was sixteen years, and Nazir's first wife, Sikandara Begum, was always present. There was also a profound difference of religion, Khan being a Muslim and Sitara Devi a Hindu. At that time (before 1956), it was not possible for people belonging to different religions to marry and not possible for husband and wife to belong to different religions. Sitara converted to Islam in order to enter into this marriage. This marriage was both short-lived and childless, and they were soon divorced.

Sitara Devi's third marriage was to film-maker K. Asif, who was not only the first cousin of her second husband, but also the brother of Sikandara Begum. Once again, she became the second wife of a married man, and her co-wife was Akhtar Asif, sister of Dilip Kumar. This marriage also did not last very long, and it was childless.

After her third divorce, Sitara married Pratap Barot, a Hindu gentleman of Gujarati heritage.[8] The couple were blessed with a son, Ranjit Barot, born in 1950.

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